October 7, 2021

Logo for a clothing brand

Logo design for a brand of sportswear for yoga, London, UK.

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Logo for Viva Liv clothing brand

Logo is the visual basis of the brand. This logo was designed for a yoga apparel brand in London, UK.

The logo is based on an outline style mark. The silhouette resembles a person sitting in the lotus position. In this case, the sign is made up of symbolic elements: a silhouette of a person, a lotus pose, an infinity sign, a heart, a circle and a triangle.

For a new brand, a logo is an important component, as it reveals the core values ​​of the brand and also serves for initialization. In order for people to recognize your brand, you need a sign that will be associated with your product or service. That is why a meaningful logo design at the start of a business is so important.

We prepare a logo in all the necessary formats so that you can implement all your promotional activities quickly and efficiently. We provide logo layouts in vector and raster formats:

– ai., pdf.

– png., jpeg.

Vector formats are useful for making products in printing houses and workshops (printing, embroidery, embossing, etc.)

Bitmap formats – logo on a transparent background in different colors, as well as spectacular images and visualizations for avatars, watermarks, posts and design of social networks and the site.

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