Stickers for Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber

– a series of original illustrations which are developed and rendered by the illustrator, prepared in electronic format and uploaded to instant messengers for:

– daily warm communication among a certain circle of friends and acquaintances,

– lively and emotional correspondence within the team, with customers, partners,

– cheer you up, make you more recognizable and popular

– promoting corporate or personal goals and values,

– subliminal advertising at the level of emotions, etc.

Stickers for Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber


– portrait stickers of a specific person. For example: a blogger, businessman, coach, company director, family members, actor, athlete, singer, stylist, cook, psychologist, etc. Such stickers are redrawn from pictures of people in a realistic or cartoon style.


– stickers for a company, organization, trademark or team. For example: a bank, chain of supermarkets, sports team, school or university, etc. It can be a character as a part of brand identity, a mascot or symbol, a logo.


– special stickers for calendar holidays, special events, arrangements, birthday greetings, anniversaries or others.

special stickers for calendar holidays, special events, arrangements, birthday greetings, anniversaries or others.

A customer needs to determine the theme of series stickers in advance: humorous, scenes “from real life”, typical phrases or reactions, emotions. Then, do a photo shoot and prepare pictures in a good quality.

The better resolution and quality of the photo, the more accurate the portrait similarity. We draw portraits “starting from scratch”, and do not use trivial filters.

Corporate and thematic stickers for Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp are plot illustrations based on a previously developed character or concept.

First, you need to consider the idea and the character, then work out every story separately to find out semantic load or emotions which are conveyed by/with the help of every sticker.


Development result

The minimum recommended amount in the package of stickers for downloading is 5 pcs. Recommended number of stickers for Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber – 15 pcs.


Images are illustration in electronic format on a transparent background. Download to Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber.


You will receive these illustrations in a letter by e-mail and you can use them in advertising, on the website, in social networks, on banners. Moreover, you can print images on various objects: on clothes, notepads, cups, badges, souvenirs, etc.

Stickers from photos

from 350$

10 pcs

Cut out the stickers.

Uploading in instant messengers.

Stickers photo rendering

from 500$

10 pcs

Drawing stickers.

Uploading in instant messengers.

Stickerpack with character

from 75$/pcs

Character development.

Drawing stickers.

Uploading in instant messengers.

How else can you use illustrations?

You can use finished illustrations for making posts in social networks, making advertising creatives, printing on clothes, postcards, souvenirs and stationery, on mugs, etc.

And also! Photo art portraits!

We draw art portraits and joint portraits from custom-made pictures. If you want to make an original gift to your daughter, son, nephew, boyfriend, girlfriend or friends – order an art portrait in any image!


This is a very interesting original gift! A lot of people like setting such portraits as profile pictures in social networks, make posts, videos and even print on football caps, sweatshirts, etc.


Illustrations are drawn in computer graphics. As a result of the development, you will have an electronic file received by e-mail and you can print it in your city on any subject by contacting a printing house, photo studio, or workshop.