Web-site. Design. Development

To be honest, we are a young design studio. To follow the trends, create modern, stylish design, use technologies that work.

To order a website in our studio is to get high-quality work done.

What kind of website do you need?



A site that provides all essential information and contacts. It is enough to send a link to the person for the first acquaintance with key points.


One-page site, landing page. It is developed with the aim of selling a specific product / service, or another unit goal.


A multi-page website whose main purpose is to provide the visitor with complete information about goods and services of the company, brand and master.


A multi-page site containing the most extensive information about the company. It often has lot of subsections, a blog and a news feed.


Interactive multi-page site. Designed for advertising, sales of goods and services with maximum automation of processes.


A site for creative personalities, hosts, photographers, designers, artists, beauty industry and people who work there, the makers.

Conditions and stages of work

Website development from scratch: 3 whales/main points


– preliminary consultation; fill out a brief for website development;

– we evaluate the project, reach an agreement based on prescribed conditions, terms, cost and development results you receive;

– make an advance payment of 50% due to agreement, it can be divided into several payments;

– proceed to collection of the content and creation of a prototype site;


– send information for the prototype site / structure of the site to be built; we determine sections subsections, information blocks on each page, the planned functionality; We approve every page separately;

– creating design of the main page, then we proceed to the design of remaining pages after approval of the concept. Every affirms with you.


– Design layouts are passed to the programmer for layout;

– site layout/page making in html, css, php, js (jquery);

– stretch on cms (if necessary);

– setting up functionality, connecting a domain and hosting to a site; mail connection, etc.

Website development brief

This brief helps you to gather all your thoughts together, formulate the terms of reference for designers and developers, receive an answer about the cost, timing, results of work, stages, guarantees. You will see the proposed contract at the end of the brief.


Ask – Answer

Here are collected the most popular questions about website development that arise for those who have never before come across this topic, as well as who had both positive and sad experiences.

Why is service of other studios cheaper?

Every studio works according to its own principles. As in every business, there is cost comprises lease fees, salary payments, location, the use of resources. Some studios use blanks and patterns and they just change them according to your texts and pictures. It is can significantly reduce development time, while creative resources are not completely involved. It greatly reduces the cost of work. We develop individual designs and do not use ready-made complete patterns. Therefore, as a result, you will get a unique product, a stylish and modern design, relevant methods for adapting the site, trending techniques and chips.

What guarantees do I receive?

Our reputation is important for us, so we do every project as well as possible. We strive to do every product not to be ashamed, moreover to add it to the portfolio. We offer to conclude an agreement on cooperation conditions to comply with the deadlines, all agreements after the brief. Для соблюдения сроков, всех договорённостей после брифа мы предлагаем заключение СОГЛАШЕНИЯ, в котором пропишем условия сотрудничества.

Do you promote the site after development?

No. We specialize in creating a site – from prototype to programming. Promotion is another huge area of activity that requires deep knowledge in SEO, context, targeting and so on. We can recommend our partners. When your chosen marketer composes tasks, you will contact us for our programmer to implement/add to/ all on the site.

What if I don’t like the site design?

The site design is developed on the basis of an approved prototype and your wishes specified in the brief. First, we create the design of the main page first screen which sets the style for the entire website. The screen page will be approved with you, adjustments will be made if necessary. Every page will be approved with you step by step – it ensures that the site design will definitely suit you.

Do you provide support?

Yes. After completing the work, we will give you all access to the site and tell you “what’s what,” if necessary. In addition, we provide support for the site for an additional fee, which is discussed individually.

Somebody did it to me and then the man disappeared … how can I be sure? ….

Unfortunately, it really often happens when you work with freelancers or even companies. Often it happens when you want to find more “favourable” prices. The most important thing that I would like to convey in this case: we are not responsible for unscrupulous designers, freelancers and free artists, we do not know them and cannot influence on this negative experience. No need to compare us with such people. We value every client, consider non-standard options for cooperation, cherish reputation. Our contacts are completely open – website, social networks, instant messengers. We do not delete or hide negative reviews, we just do not have them. Therefore, we offer quality work, fruitful cooperation, partnership, trust and friendship!