October 1, 2021

Development of Somali cattery logo

Development of a logo for the Glowing Shambhala cattery of the Somali breed.

разработка логотипа питомника сомали кошки


Somali cattery logo

Development of a stylish and effective logo for the Glowing Shambhala Somali cattery.

Contour style of the logo. The illustration of the cat was drawn from the photo of the nurse. The illustration shows the character, beauty and characteristics of the breed. This logo style is very versatile to use. Such a logo will look good on photos, protecting content and promoting your kennel in posts.

We prepare a logo in all the necessary formats so that you can implement all your promotional activities quickly and efficiently. We provide logo layouts in vector and raster formats:

– ai., pdf.

– png., jpeg.

Vector formats are useful for making products in printing houses and workshops (printing, embroidery, embossing, etc.)

Bitmap formats – logo on a transparent background in different colors, as well as spectacular images and visualizations for avatars, watermarks, posts and design of social networks and the site.

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Development of Somali cats cattery logo
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