May 26, 2021

Creation of animated telegram stickers

Drawing of the character and plots, animation of stickers and uploading to Telegram.

стикеры для инвестиционной компании


Animated Telegram stickers for the company Alium Finance

Animated Telegram stickers is a big project. Creation of a corporate character and creation of a series of illustrations for a sticker pack in Telegram for the investment company Alium Finance, which is directly related to cryptocurrency and startups in this area.

This is a themed sticker pack with a branded character. The stickers depict stories that are often used in communication between people from this field of activity.

The drawing of stickers is carried out in vector format in compliance with the technical requirements. After drawing, we start animating. Animation of stickers for Telegrams is made using a special plug-in Bodymovin in the After Effect program. To make high-quality animation, a specialist needs to have certain skills and experience.

In addition to the fact that animated stickers are made for Telegram, their static versions can also be downloaded to other messengers. You can also use the illustrations themselves to print real stickers, design a website and social networks (in the form of icons, for example), in advertising creatives, in e-mail newsletters and much more.

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This sticker pack is owned by Alium Finance! You can download the sticker pack in telegram by the link:

Alium Finance

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