October 1, 2021

Branded sticker pack Artique

Drawing colorful illustrations and creating a branded sticker pack for Artique, Moscow, RF.

корпоративный стикерпак на заказ


Branded sticker pack Artique

New cool colorful branded sticker pack for a wallpaper store in Moscow, RF.

Ideas for stickers were taken from popular luscious wallpaper prints. And the added thematic phrases on the stickers will serve to create a positive correspondence with clients, while not distracting from the essence of the conversation!

Creation of a corporate sticker pack begins with setting the task and goal of the sticker pack. First of all, we determine for what type of correspondence this sticker pack will be used. For example, a sticker pack will be designed for communication within a team or for correspondence with clients and potential clients. Based on this, we form a list of necessary phrases, emotions and ideas for sticker stories. Next, we decide on the character or style of the sticker pack and start drawing!

We send each sticker for approval so that you can make adjustments if necessary. It is important for us that you like all the stickers and use them regularly in your correspondence. After approval of all illustrations, the stage of loading into instant messengers takes place. We can upload to stickers in Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber. You choose – download to any one messenger or anywhere at once.

And also! We send all illustrations to you by e-mail in PNG format on a transparent background. So you can independently use them for posts in social networks, as icons, for printing stickers and souvenirs, etc.!

This sticker pack is owned by Artique! You can download the sticker pack in Telegram by the link:


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Branded sticker pack
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