Package design

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One of the common reason of falling demand is the package. Form, color, images, text, competitive environment – all these factors affect sales.

Creating the package, we rely on competencies in graphic design, marketing, advertising production.

What should be good packaging?



The visual image exactly reflects the selling idea, detaches your product from competitors according to selected position.


It attracts target audience attention that is favorable to you, meets the motives and selection criteria, and evokes necessary associations.


It is reproduced by technologies used in the manufacture of packaging with a given cost price stably.


The developed packaging solution allows you to get a patent for an industrial design.


Tastes differ, but the potter behaviors are still similar. Age, gender, geography of distribution are the most important factors that should be considered creating a selling package.


It is important to create not only impressive, but also effective design. It can only be achieved by observing and following current trends.

Conditions and stages of work

Package and label design


Free consultation. We decide on your needs. We offer only what is really necessary for a successful solution of the task.

We fill out a brief on package design. We fill out a brief (expert vision) based on the data obtained as a result of the consultation, then the brief is sent to you to add enhancements, corrections and missing information.


Brainstorming – brand differences are encoded in associative series (verbal and visual images, symbols and signals).

Design development. We develop one version of the form factor packaging (or take the existing form as a basis) and several design options. We provide for approval evaluated variant by experts of the agency (marketer, art director, merchandiser). After that you get the result which is the most relevant to the task. The refinement of the presented option is allowed within the framework of the brief previously agreed by the parties.


Preparation of materials and transfer to the owner/right holder. The resulting product (package design) is the property of the customer. Under the contract, you get all ownership rights.

If necessary, we help you to find a printing house for the package/ labels production in your city.

Brief on packaging / label design

This brief will help you to gather all your thoughts together, formulate technical requirements for designers and developers, receive an answer about the cost, timing, results of work, stages, guarantees. At the end of the brief you will see the proposed contract.


Ask – Answer

What is a selling design?

This is a methodology for the development of packaging design, primarily aimed at increasing sales of customer products. The technique is based on our knowledge and experience in neuromarketing, graphic design and the production of promotional products.

Should the packaging be fashionable or modern?

In order to your package will be able to sell, it must be complied with several basic principles: – highlight the product among analog market and attract consumers attention; – thanks to the packaging, a person will understand what kind of product is in front of him in a couple of moments, why he or she should buy it; – creating packaging you need to rely on the real preferences and expectations of potential buyers, you cannot do without quality research of the target audience; Of course, the design should be in accordance with trends. Don`t forget that trends are changeable. What was fashionable and modern yesterday, in a year can become outdated. Ask yourself the question: “What is your product and what is long-term vision for packaging?” The most important thing is to take into account basic principles and combine them skillfully with both trends and universal design techniques!

To which extend should package match the corporate identity?

It depends on an executed product. Sometimes it’s enough to add only the company logo to the package / label design, sometimes you need to use a pattern and other style-forming elements. The purpose of this technique is to connect the products in a single style and indicate that they belong to the same company. If it is fundamentally important for you, then the corporate identity will be directly involved. If your main goal is sales, then the emphasis in design is on the other factors. So, the package should be corresponded to the corporate identity to the extent of the aim and intention.

What if I don’t like the package design?

The guarantee that you will like the package / label design will be the brief you fill out. Also, every stage of the work will be discussed with you. The sketching stage will allow you to determine the concept and refinements will be made based on your wishes, recommendations and our experience.

Why does selling package design cost so much?

Professional development of packaging design consists of key stages: examination, analysis of the competitive market and experience, synthesis and determination of the most promising approaches, as well as the development of a unique individual packaging solution for your brand. The more thorough the work, the more detailed examination of the market and behavioral factors, the more time is spent on research and analysis. The cost is directly affected by the number of offered sketches, the technique of artistic performance, details and composition fullness.

Somebody did it to me and then the man disappeared … how can I be sure? ….

Unfortunately, it really often happens when you work with freelancers or even companies. Often it happens when you want to find more “favourable” prices.

The most important thing that I would like to convey in this case: we are not responsible for unscrupulous designers, freelancers and free artists, we do not know them and cannot influence on this negative experience. No need to compare us with such people.

We value every client, consider non-standard options for cooperation, cherish reputation. Our contacts are completely open – website, social networks, instant messengers. We do not delete or hide negative reviews, we just do not have them.

Therefore, we offer quality work, fruitful cooperation, partnership, trust and friendship!

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