June 3, 2021

furniture company logo

Logo and corporate identity for a furniture company in Moscow, RF.

логотип мебельной компании дом-купе


furniture company logo

Development of the main set of identity for the furniture company @domkupe

1. Logo.

2. Signature colors.

3. Styling elements.

4. Selection of regular fonts.

5. Design of corporate documentation.

Furniture company “DomKupe” offers a wide selection of cabinet and built-in furniture, a full cycle of production of sliding wardrobes, wardrobes, from a design project to assembly on site! This field of activity is extremely competitive. Therefore, it is very important for companies to stand out qualitatively from other companies and apply different methods of branding and marketing. In order for your company to attract attention and remain in the memory of customers, you need to work out a corporate identity. Leave a request on our website to get professional advice from a specialist in the field of graphic design and branding!

identity domkupe furniture company
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