September 30, 2021

Furniture company logo

Development of a stylish modern logo for furniture production in Krasnodar, Russia.

разработка логотипа для мебельной компании


Furniture company logo

Logo of the furniture company “Formula Mebeli”. We decided to move away from the usual direct associations and images of furniture directly in the logo. Instead, due to the non-standard style of the company name “FORMULA”, we made an association with its meaning. What do you associate with the “furniture formula”? The constructions that make up the production process are all conveyed through this form of the logo.

Now is the era of digital technology, almost anything you can buy on the Internet. Therefore, it is so important to work out the corporate identity of the company, build an image and carry out activities. To arrange a high-quality business is an important stage of marketing for your company, which directly affects the number of customers and profits in the future.

We prepare a logo for a furniture company in all necessary electronic formats so that you can use it widely. We provide logo layouts in vector and raster formats:

– ai., pdf.

– png., jpeg.

Vector formats are scalable without loss of image quality, useful for the manufacture of products in printing houses and workshops (printing on any surface, embroidery, embossing, etc.)

Raster formats – a logo on a transparent background in different colors, as well as spectacular pictures and visualizations for avatars, watermarks, posts and design of social networks and the site.

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logo furniture company
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