November 12, 2021

Fennec branded sticker pack

Development of a corporate character and sticker pack for the ANEWS company.

фирменные стикеры Фенек


Fennec brand sticker pack

Brand sticker pack with a cute and funny Fenech character. We have developed a corporate character for the ANEWS company and drawn a series of plot illustrations – stickers for the Viber news channel, and we also uploaded it to Telegram.

Sticker pack with funny Fenech counted more than 200 thousand downloads in just a week! This is a huge success! And this is a confirmation that communication in messengers is now at the peak of its popularity, as well as stickers that make our daily correspondence more emotional, lively and positive.

Copying materials and character is strictly prohibited and protected by copyright! But anyone can download the sticker pack and use it for non-commercial purposes. To do this, go to the sticker store in Viber and find our Fenech.

You can download the sticker pack in Telegram by the link:

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Fennec branded stickers
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