September 30, 2021

Doctor’s personal portrait stickers

Personal portrait stickers for Telegram and Viber for a plastic surgeon from Kiev, Ukraine.

Персональные портретные стикеры доктор


Doctor’s personal portrait stickers

Personal portrait stickers for plastic surgeon. Upload to Telegram and Viber.

Drawn in a realistic style with maximum human recognition and a little stylization. This drawing technique allows you to preserve full portrait likeness and at the same time looks really “sticker”.

Creating a branded sticker pack begins with setting the goal of the sticker pack. First of all, we determine whether this sticker pack will be intended for communication with close friends or for correspondence with clients? Based on this, we form a list of necessary phrases, emotions and ideas for sticker stories. Next, you need to prepare the photos from which the stickers will be drawn. This can be a special photo session (even just on the phone) or a photo from a personal archive. The main thing is that the person in the photo conveys a specific desired emotion. If the person in the photo does not show the desired gesture, then this can be completed. BUT! It is imperative to convey the desired emotion and facial expression!

We send each sticker for approval so that you can make adjustments if necessary. It is important for us that you like all the stickers and use them regularly in your correspondence. And! We send all illustrations to you by e-mail in PNG format on a transparent background. You can use them yourself for posts in social networks, like icons, avatars, etc.!

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Doctor's personal portrait stickers
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