October 7, 2021

Custom Photo Stickers

Creation of portrait illustrations from a photo for Alena Menshikova, a hairstyle master, a school teacher.

персональные стикеры по фото в телеграм на заказ


Beauty Maker Photo Stickers

Photo Stickers is a drawing of illustrations in a realistic or cartoon style. In this project, we drew personal stickers from a photo to order in a realistic style with stylization. Upload to Telegram as a gift!

To create a personal sticker pack, you need to prepare photographs in which the person depicts the desired emotion and gesture. Since all people have a unique face and facial features (facial expressions) change in their own way, we need appropriate photographs for maximum recognition of the person on the sticker. Each drawn illustration is approved with the Customer and, if necessary, is corrected. Then we prepare stickers according to technical requirements and upload them to instant messengers.

Personal stickers make correspondence more lively and emotional. Help in promoting your personal brand, products and services.

Stickerpack can be downloaded to WhatsApp, Viber and Telegram, as well as Instagram Stories! Any number of stickers in a sticker pack! You can add stickers all the time! Track download statistics. Use to increase brand awareness, emotional attachment, trust and mood!

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стикеры портретные по фото на заказ
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