November 12, 2021

Corporate stickers for an IT-company

Corporate stickers for the IT-company Inthemelab, Moscow, RF.

Корпоративные стикеры IT


Corporate stickers for an IT company

Corporate stickers for the IT-company “Inthemelab” in the style of “pop art”, “like in comics”. Branded stickers for Telegram are drawn based on slang phrases of IT specialists, as well as on the basis of phrases that are constantly used in correspondence every day.

We also drew some stickers with team members and their favorite phrases. Each sticker is drawn using a repeating element in the background. This forms a uniform style of the sticker pack, even though there is no single character. In addition, each sticker has a company logo to protect the company’s copyright for this sticker pack. In addition, the logo on the stickers is an unobtrusive advertisement for your company.

Using corporate stickers in correspondence with colleagues – you cheer up each other, team spirit. Using in correspondence with clients – you show that your company is creative and keeps up with the times, aimed at friendly and warm relations with clients.

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Corporate stickers for an IT company
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