October 1, 2021

Ballet school logo

Designed a stylish logo for a ballet school from London, England.

логотип балетной студии школы


Ballet school logo

Designing a stylish logo for a ballet school from London, England.

⭐ Illustration of a ballerina in a contour style of different thickness, which is well complemented by a font combination.

The word “ballet” is the main and leading word, there is a great emphasis on it, the rest of the inscriptions also draw attention to themselves to the right extent, everything looks in its place.

The font style is classic and modern minimalism, such a logo will not lose its relevance for many years to come.

The ballet school logo fits well into a circle by composition, so you don’t have to worry about the appearance of the avatars 😉 We have prepared all the necessary logo layouts in various electronic formats for widespread use in life. Stylish training rooms with a logo sign will inspire dancers, foster a sense of pride and belonging. We also created cool visualizations that will help in the implementation of the merch. The ballet school logo looks great on clothes that can be worn everyday.

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Custom ballet school logo
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